Our   Officers


VVA Chapter 10    8418 Reading Road   Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone :  513.  761.  8007    Fax:  513.  761.  2858

Chapter 10  Membership  Meets :   Quarterly,
1st  Wednesday Of  Each Quarter  @  5:45PM
8418 Reading Road  -  Cincinnati, Ohio  45215   /   Dinner Served

B. O. D. Meets :
1st  Wednesday - Every Month  @  5:45PM  
Meetings Are Open To All Members   /   Dinner Served

Executive   Board
Ed Brown
1st Vice
Walter Edwards
Ron Buchanan
Tom Stormer

Board Of Directors
Dottie Harris
Dorthy  Gardner
Billy Gardner
Gary Henson
David Scott
Board Of Directors
 Robert Spencer
Bob Ernst
Frank  Lively
Michael Hirsch
 Urulee Watson

State  Delegates
Ron Buchanan
Walter Edwards
Tom Stormer