Chapter 10 awards 6 college scholarships to local children and grandchildren of Vietnam veterans.
Scholarship Committee Chair Person  -  Charlie Doan
Sarai Dean to attend Northern Kentucky University
Emily Sizemore to attend University of Dayton
L to R:  Sarai Dean  /  Mrs. Dean
L to R:  Mr. & Mrs. Sizemore  /  Emily Sizemore
Michelle Fohl to attend University of Indianapolis
Allen Clay to attend Davidson College
L to  R:  Mr. & Mrs. Fohl  /  Michelle Fohl
L to R:  Allen Clay  /  Mrs. Clay


Ryan Hadley
Photo Not Available




Ryan Hadley will be attending Ohio State University


Ryan Woolf to attend Georgetown College
L  to  R:   Aunt of Ryan Woolf  /   Ryan Woolf

Vietnam Veterans Of America - Chapter 10,
has been awarding college scholarships for over 20 years.

Chapter 10 is located at 8418 Reading Road,
Reading, Ohio 45215.

Our Scholarship Committee is chaired by Board member Charlie Doan


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